Workshop on Parallelization of Coupled Cluster Methods

The workshop

The workshop on Parallelization of Coupled Cluster Methods was held on February 23 and 24, 2008 at the King and Prince Resort in St. Simon's Island, Georgia, together with the 48th Sanibel Symposium The workshop was funded by NSF and DOE.


The program consisted of 6 plenary lectures in two focussed session of the Sanibel Symposium and two afternoons of discussion


The slides of some of the talks presented and of the 10-minute statements by the panel members are available.
  1. Bert de Jong Plenary lecture (PowerPoint)
  2. Victor Lotrich Plenary lecture (PDF)
  3. Ryan Olson Workshop opening lecture (PowerPoint)
  4. So Hirata panel member statement (PowerPoint)
  5. Curt Janssen panel member statement (PDF)
  6. Sudhakar Parmidighantam panel member statement (PowerPoint)

Final Report

The report has been submitted to NSF and DOE.


One topic of discussion was the definition of a set of standard problems to allow users to estimate the performance of software and hardware combinations for given molecules and methods. The first draft of the benchmark table can be found here.
Erik Deumens
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