The 56th Sanibel Symposium will be held on February 14th to 19th, 2016


The organizers of the 55th Sanibel Symposium will present the following awards:
  • One (1) Dell-Intel Young Investigator Award
  • Three (3) IBM-Lwdin Awards for Postdoctoral Associates
  • Three (3) IBM-Zerner Awards for Graduate students
  • One (1) Dell-Intel / O'Brien Award for Undergraduate Students.
The awards will be presented at the Symposium, February 15-20, 2015. All nine awardees will receive a $500 travel fee reimbursement.

Application Instructions
The Symposium organizers welcome applications from scientists active in the areas of research covered by the Sanibel Symposium. Applications must be submitted before December 30, 2014 and should include:
  • Brief statement (no more than one side of one page) of eligibility and rationale for being supported
  • Abstract of poster that will be presented
  • Confirmation from supervising faculty member that the applicant is an undergraduate, graduate, or post doctoral associate.
  • You must register online for the symposium before the deadline of December 30, 2014
  • All recipients of these awards for 2015 must attend the 2015 Sanbel Symposium to be eligible. Cancellation of registration makes one ineligible for these awards.
  • Please submit applications to